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Natural Deterrents for Birds and Piegeons

Pigeons are found in almost every part of the world. Some people love to keep and feed pigeons. But droppings of pigeons are harmful to buildings due to the presence of acid droppings that can even destroy the machinery and metal. Another reason is a disease caused by droppings and dusty feathers. Therefore it is important to keep pigeons away from your buildings. Here are a few ways to naturally deter the pigeons.

Using Honey
Honey is available almost in every home. You can use it to get rid of pigeons. Just spread it around the nests of pigeons. Sticky nature of honey will create problems for pigeons to stay there. This is the easiest natural way.

Pepper powder
If you want to save your building from the droppings of pigeons, you can use pepper powder to discourage them. Spread pepper powder around the nest, or you can spread other spices too. This makes them uncomfortable.

Water hose 
Whenever you see a pigeon, you can apply water pressure on them. Do it on the very first day when you see a pigeon in your balcony. They will never stay at the water spray, and they will not settle at that place.

Removing Attractants
It is the best way to make your place less attractive to pigeons. There should be no standing water for drinking or bathing. Keep trash covered. Use netting in your garden to save vegetables from all birds. Bird feeders can be an issue. You can buy small feeders.

Scare off pigeons
If a pigeon gets scared, he will not come back toward your building. You can use reflecting mirrors, place them on the side of the walls, or put them in the garden. Reflecting light will scare them. You can use noise to scare the pigeons by placing ultrasonic devices; ultrasonic devices are successful for the commercial building. This method is going to work.

Using Traps
Placing the traps is a practical way to cure pigeon issues. There are many traps available in the market. Just place them near the nests of pigeons and keep some for them. They will get trapped themselves. When a pigeon is trapped, you can release it at some other location. If the trap is not working, you have to keep a live pigeon in the trap with food, he will invite others, and it will be easy to catch all of them.

Cats or Dogs
If you have a cat or dog, this will make them scare as these are predators. They will not settle near a place where they have threat. If you have a dog or cat keep them close to places where you have seen pigeons

Motion sensitive water sprinkles
Motion sensitive water sprinkles are going to work for you if you need to save your lawn from pigeons. Whenever a pigeon comes closers to these sprinkles, they will get activated and spray water on them. Pigeons will get scared and will leave your lawn.

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