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Causes of Mouse Odor and How to Remove the Smell

Have you noticed dropping within your house? Have you seen the teeth marks on fruits, food, and other stuff? There is a possibility you are living with the mice. If you want to confirm mice's availability, then follow the given steps.

You may find these dropping near the area where they lived or where they can find the food. Their dropping is in black color and has ¼ inch length. To make it easier if you find a dr0pping equal to rice grain in the black color, then it conforms to the mice is living somewhere within your house. Do not vacuum the dropping nor touch with the hand as the mice droppings carry bacteria that later can become the reason of illness. 

If you listen to the starching noise in the night, it can be a sign of mice's availability. They are an excellent climber and have flexible bodies; they can fit their body within the tiny holes. 

Hole or tears in the material
If you find holes or tears in the bedding, papers, and cloths, it conforms mice are available within your house. Now check the dark corner by use of a flashlight to find mice nests. Usually, they use shredded material to make their nest, like in cabinets, drawers, and storage boxes. 

Teeth marks
You can also confirm their availability by their teeth marks like on fruits, food, and cables. They can also chew anything that is available to them. 

How to remove mice and smell?
The best way to remove the small is to remove the cause of the smell. Use mice trap to get rid of them like sticky traps, bucket traps, or live trap. Place the traps near to their living place at night to get quick results; you can add the peanut butter to attract them.  Once the mice stuck into the trap or got died now, it's time to remove their body, dropping and odor from the house. 

  • Use the rubber or plastic gloves along with the face mask, and you can also use expandable facemask and gloves
  • Now prepare the water and bleach solution take 10% of bleach and 90% of water. 
  • Clean the area with the use of paper towels, remove their dropping and waste, and add them into a plastic bag. 
  • Now spray the solution all over the infected area. 
  • Now clean the area again to remove the urine mark with the help of a paper towel and place them in the plastic bags
  • Spray the solution again and allow the area to get dry
  • Now throw the gloves, mask, and cloth that you have used while removing the odor. Dispose of the plastic bag, and after washing your hand, it is better to take a shower. 
  • Seal all the places like small holes and crakes in the walls. 
  • Your house is free from the mouse odor. 

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